BetteBack 1975: Bette Midler Credits Success To Energy

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Star Singer Credits Energy For Success
May 25, 1975

HOLLYWOOD (Special)- Calling Bette Midler a singer is like calling a hot fudge sundae food – you’re right, but there is a lot more to it.

Miss Midler’s dynamic delivery and one-of-a-kind style have made her “The Divine Miss M” to thousands of devoted fans. Her records turn to gold, her concerts sell out overnight.

“I guess the extra ingredient is energy,” the Flaming redhead explains in her distinctive New York twang.

“I was hyperactive as-a child, and I still can’t stay put.” Miss Midler’s self-admitted

Miss Midler’s self-admitted strong suit is the music of the 1930s and 1940s, such as her hit “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” which was originally a big Andrew Sisters number.

“I was fascinated by my parent’s records when I was growing up.” says Miss Midler. “I mean, what’s better than the Andrew Sisters? I started researching their era, listening to all the songs and absorbing stories about the stars. I sing contemporary numbers, too, but people have seized on the oldies. That’s my specialty.”

Miss Midler displays a generous amount of acting and dancing talent, as well.

“I wanted to be an actress,” she admits, “but I couldn’t fit any stereotype. I’m not a conventional person.”

For a woman who has made her personal style a national trademark, Miss Midler still has a sense of wonder about her great success. “Being called a star…a star! Can you beat that?’It’s hard to believe it’s me they’re talking about. It all seems like a fairv tale to me.”

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