Happy Birthday To The One, The Only, Divine Miss M, Bette Midler!

That face. Those expressive eyes. That radiant smile. That beautiful voice. Well, I for one couldn’t imagine a day without Bette Midler. And I haven’t!

So a hearty Happy Birthday to the lady we all come here to show respect to each day ~ whether it’s through her music, movies, television appearances, theatre work, her comedy, her philanthropy, and the list could go on ~ I’m talking about the one and only, The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler.

May you have a Wonderfully Divine Day and a most prosperous and Happy New Year with your loved ones.

As for us, the BetteHeads, we will continue to admire you from afar and show you our devotion by buying your music, going to your movies, attending your shows multiple times, and supporting your charitable efforts with The New York Restoration Project. And if you do more, we’ll be there”¦.

So Have A Happy Birthday Ms. Bette Midler! Every Day With You Is Like Paradise!

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