NRA Press Conference: Celebrities React On Twitter

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Celebs react on Twitter to NRA press conference
by Erin Strecker
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Wayne LaPierre, the president of the National Rifle Association, did not take questions after his press conference today, the first public response from the powerful gun lobby after the horrific school shooting in Newtown, Conn. one week ago. But the public reaction during and immediately after his speech was loud, especially from celebrities, who couldn’t help but weigh in on Twitter about the National Rifle Association’s response.

Check out some thoughts below from everyone from Bette Midler: “NRA says we need armed guards at every school. Well, since NRA IS SHILLING FOR THE FIREARMS INDUSTRY, this makes good sense for them,” to Seth Meyers and more.

Seth Meyers

NRA: If we banned schools there would never be another school shooting.
21 Dec 12

Bette Midler

NRA says we need armed guards at every school. Well, since NRA IS SHILLING FOR THE FIREARMS INDUSTRY, this makes good sense for them.
21 Dec 12

Bette Midler

Will we have armed guards EVERYWHERE? Who can afford that? Will there be armed guards on every floor of every building in America? Huh?
21 Dec 12

Mark Cuban

I think the NRA press conference is what the Mayans had in mind when they said the world would come to an end today
21 Dec 12

Christopher Gorham

NRA members, I encourage you to take a close look at your leadership. Who do they really represent? Hint: Not you.
21 Dec 12

Steve Levitan

No thanks, NRA. I know the dads at my kids’ school and I don’t want them armed.
21 Dec 12

Michael Moore

I now see what the Mayans predicted about today has come true. Except that the only world that’s going to end is the NRA’s.
21 Dec 12

Michael Ian Black

A mass shooting on a rural road during the NRA press conference. 4 dead, 3 injured. If only that road had been laid with mines.
21 Dec 12

Piers Morgan

This is your moment, America: The #NRA has 4 million members, your population is 311 million. Don’t stand for this murderous crap any more.
21 Dec 12

josh groban

The world is still here and “NRA” has replaced “Mayans” as the top trending topic. And yet, I still kinda feel the Mayans were more honest.
21 Dec 12

Max Silvestri @maxsilvestri

There were two armed guards at Columbine so it’s weird the NRA didn’t bring those guys up on stage to talk about how well that went.
21 Dec 12

Christopher Hayes

Useful reminder: The first person Adam Lanza murdered owned a bunch of guns.
21 Dec 12

marc maron

So, the @NRA solution is to take all the state money allotted for education and build turrets at every school?
21 Dec 12

Kristen Bell

The @NRA needs mental health care.
21 Dec 12

Patton Oswalt

How about attaching a second gun to the gun you already have? And then a knife onto the second gun, with a gun on that knife? #iamsmart
21 Dec 12

Alyssa Milano

The NRA and their philosophy hurts my heart.

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