Breakthrough Workshop Theatre Presents “The Bette Midler Project” March 31, 2013

Breakthrough Workshop Theatre is excited to present THE Bette Midler Project, two short one-act plays. The two plays will be done in repertory at Twiggs Green Room in University Heights on Sunday, March 31st. The Bette Midler Project will be a one-time only performance, and is expected to run 60 minutes in total with a brief 15 minute intermission.

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Directed by Ira Bauer-Spector “Bette and Me” written by Wendy Wasserstein
“Bette and I” written by Ira Bauer-Spector

The first piece in the Bette Midler Project is “Bette And Me” written by Wendy Wasserstein. In the show, Wendy and the Divine Miss M get their hair done, try on makeup and row a boat in the Hudson River. They finally end up at Radio City Music Hall, where Wendy rises from the orchestra pit on a half-shell with a blonde wig and six-foot eyelashes.

The second piece in The Bette Midler Project is “Bette And I” written by Ira Bauer-Spector. With references to some of Bette’s popular songs and movies, this show follows Ira and the Divine Miss M as they zip through memories and fantasies, exploring what it means to be a fabulous outcast.

Featuring: Heidi Maretz as Wendy
The role of Ira is currently being cast
Pierre Cozic as Young Ira
Tess Maretz as Bette’s Makup Girl
Nathan Bauer-Spector as the Narrator
with Ira Bauer-Spector as Bette Midler

BWT is an educational theatre company in San Diego, Ca. We aim to educate, challenge, celebrate and empower artists by providing them with unique opportunities in a collaborative, ensemble-based environment.

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