Twitter: Beyonce At The Super Bowl

Emeril Lagasse ””ª
Great halftime show ӻ@beyonce Рyou rocked the dome!

Martha Stewart
just got amazing photos of beyonce performing. Her outfit was fabulous.

Adrian Grenier ”
Ok, for reals, ”ª@beyonce ‘s ”ª#superbowl performance was the best of all time. Gotta say I’m ”ª#crushing”¦ ”ª

Arsenio Hall
Beyonce still got the belt! And she just sparked her critics & haters wit’ it. ”ª#theone

Kelly Ripa
This is the BEST BEYONCE CONCERT I’ve ever seen!!!!! ”ª#crazyinlove!!!!

Brooke Burke-Charvet””ª
Beyonce are you F’in kidding me! You’re smoking hot….my hero.

Kelly Clarkson
Okay so …..Beyonce just killed it at the Super Bowl! Holy cow she is so hot and sang her tail off!! Destiny’s Child, SO GREAT!!

Tia Mowry
@Beyonce is a GODDESS!!! Okay I’m done..

Chappelle’s Show co-creator Neal Brennan””ª
Thank you, Dear Leader Beyoncé.

Paris Jacksoη
ravens and 49ers can pack up and go home now , ӻ@beyonce won the super bowl

Alyssa Milano
That half-time show was amazing but I’m not completely convinced Beyonce danced live.

Bette Midler
Good for you, Beyonce!! That was great! …. But I would have liked to hear “Bills, Bills, Bills.

Andy Cohen

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