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BetteBack March 26, 1980: Is There A Rivalry Between Bette Midler And Sally Field?

Salina Journal
March 26, 1980


Q: Isn’t there rivalry developing between Bette Midler and Sally Field now that they’re both up for an Oscar as best actress? — P.M., Sarasota, Fla.

A: If there is, it’s probably the inspiration of their respective publicity agents. Bette told us recently that she loved Sally’s performance in “Norma Rae,” and would be delighted — but very surprised — to emerge the winner for her movie, “The Rose.” As for Bette’s all time favorite actress — hands down, it’s Katharine Hepburn.

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2 thoughts on “BetteBack March 26, 1980: Is There A Rivalry Between Bette Midler And Sally Field?

  1. Hi Mr. D-
    I have a story I would like to share with you. So we went to see I’ll eat you last for the second time this weekend. As always Bette is Perfection! We left the theater early to see if we can get a playbill signed. When we went the first time we got an I’ll eat you last playbill signed and clams on the half shell playbill signed. We went on the third day it was previewing, so not many people where there yet at the back door stage. Now, from what I understand, since that time, Bette no longer signs anything except stuff from the current show. Which I completely understand and respect. There are so many people there and so much people wanting stuff, plus I can see how inconsiderate it can be to start requesting everything signed when people seeing the show are there wanting to meet her too and how time consuming it would be for Bette. The show ended on Saturday and we get on line and are right in front right next to the door. I have the I’ll eat you last playbill and my husband has the other two playbills from Fiddler on the roof and Divine Madness. But we were not going to even attempt to have her sign them, for not wanting to break the rules. Bette took about an hour and half to get out. Martin came out a couple of times and got in the car and out of the car to fetch her. From what we were told she had a lot of guests to talk to that evening. Martin was very friendly to her fans. One fan had a vase filled with roses and Martin said Bette is going to love that! So Bette comes out and I am the first one she sees and she said I am so sorry for keeping all of you. Please forgive, I know how long you guys had to wait. I am stunned! And I say OMG no worries at all. And I tell her how much I love her and how great she is in the show. She sweetly says thank you, I really appreciate that. You still like me after waiting all this time. I am speechless and just am smiling and nodding. And then turns to my husband and says is he with you and I say yes. He’s a big fan too and she says ok and quickly signs the two other playbills! I was over the moon. I am still over the moon. At the moment, I am getting all the playbills. But when I get it home, I will send you a picture! It was truly a wonderful experience and Bette was so gracious and well perfection. I am only sad that my husband did not take any pictures! But it was an embarrassment of riches, a complete dreamed realized!

    Thank you-

    1. Thanks for sharing this fabulous story Jill! I am so happy for you and am ooking forward to see the photo! xxoo

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