Bette Midler To Tour In 2015

New York Daily News
Divinity has arrived in the Bronx – with a huge pair of scissors.
Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 9:01 PM


The two-time Academy Award nominee, Bette Midler, said she is planning to release a new album in November and go on tour in 2015.

“I haven’t really toured for a number of years,” Midler said, noting that she had a regular gig at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas, from 2008 to 2010. “It will be fun to get back on the bus.”

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19 thoughts on “Bette Midler To Tour In 2015

  1. This is “The Best News of the Year” thus far, and where do we hear it first? Bootleg Betty and Don, of course! Thank YOU!!
    Nothing better than a new Bette album, except…Bette LIVE and in concert!

  2. Mahalo nui loa to Mr. D. for keeping us “Betteheads” up to date. One more concert tour would be fabulous. Have already been telling friends and family who have gone to Bette’s concerts for decades… Vegas, Honolulu, Miami, NYC…would be great. Thanks again for the information updates.

  3. Please Mister D; seems that you know the facts or follow the facts we have to know. So please keep me informed about this, I would really appreciate it !

  4. Hello, I’ve been a fan for more years than I care to say. Saw “Clams on a Half Shell,” just a few years ago. Is your tour coming to Denver CO? If so, I’m there. Glad you still have the interest and energy to tour. Go go girl!

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