These 4 Songs Are Your Absolute Must-Listens of the Week

Mister D: Bette hit the real time feed Billboard charts last night at Number 5 among only kids of the industry. If you want to help keep the momentum going just tweet #BetteMidler and #Waterfalls

These 4 Songs Are Your Absolute Must-Listens of the Week
By Lynsey Eidell
October 24, 2014

What better way to kick off Friday (and the weekend!) than with our favorite new songs of the week? If the S Club 7 playlist wasn’t enough, we’ve got new singles and new sounds to old favorites to add to your must-listen line-up, and I promise–none are to be skipped over. Happy listening!

Iggy Azalea “Beg For It”

With love Iggy by herself (“Work”) or paired up with another awesome lady artist (“Fancy”, “Black Widow”)–and her latest single, “Beg For It”, is an excellent example of the latter. She introduces us to Danish singer MO and delivers what is sure to be your going-out anthem of the weekend (and the fall!).

Bette Midler “Waterfalls”

This cover is certain to be very polarizing: You’re either going to be Team TLC or Team Bette when it comes to their renditions of “Waterfalls”. Midler’s cabaret-esque version is the first single from her girl-group tribute album, It’s the Girls!, due out November 4.

Sia “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile”

If Midler took a retro spin to a modern favorite, Sia’s taking the opposite approach with her remake of the Annie classic for the upcoming film version starring Quvenzhane Wallis and Jamie Foxx. Her upbeat pop version of the song is perfect for any day you need a little pick-me-up (like…today).

Jessica LangeGods and Monsters

Let’s be real: The only scenes I can watch without closing my eyes (either partially or fully) during American Horror Story: Freak Show are the musical numbers. And Elsa Mars’ (Jessica Lange) cover of Lana Del Ray‘s “Gods and Monsters” was worth my full attention–Lange’s rendition was hauntingly perfect (even if it did summon the ghost of Edward Mordrake).

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7 thoughts on “These 4 Songs Are Your Absolute Must-Listens of the Week

  1. Looks like “Waterfalls” is the song that’s striking a chord with the media. My homepage is set to AOL, and Bette’s on the cover/front page today with Huffington Post having picked up the song (as E Online did) from the Advocate. There’s about 50 blog comments on the song (mostly positive!). My guess is that this is the song on the CD that most people will remember the original of(including the 20-somethings or younger), and Bette’s beautiful slowed-down interpretation is causing quite a noticeable stir. As always, no one can interpret lyrics quite like Bette can! What’s also nicely noticed, is that (for the first time) we can actually understand the lyrics to the song, which gives it a bigger impact.

    I might add that It’s the Girls just hit the Top 10 on, which I’m hoping will continue to build as we get closer to release date. I’m seeing a #1 listing in the works soon (no jinx–fingers crossed!).

    1. Not to mention it hit Number 5 on Billboards live twitter feed with the rest of the songs by acts in their 20’s. Talked some to marc Shaiman last night by messenger and he said they were trying to create a Hello In There type vibe for the 2010’s but even he was surprised by the reaction to it. Fingers crossed! xx

  2. Great updates, Mister D!!! How cool to converse with Marc, too!

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an outstanding marketing effort with a CD release, as I have with It’s the Girls. The CD isn’t even released yet, and we’ve already seen 30-second and 1-minute (oops!) teaser video promos, strategic song releases through Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, the Advocate (and E Online, Huffington Post, etc.), and all the initial teaser blasts on Bette’s twitter and facebook pages, in addition to Bette’s UK radio DJ rollout.

    We also have bonus tracks/exclusives, a vinyl rendition, pre-release digital song downloads, and multi-magazine articles, starting with Billboard. And now a debut at #5!! This is incredible. When you think about Bette’s age, and how she’s marketing and integrating with acts in their 20’s (and younger), we have to be over the moon with her strategy for success. Bette’s as relevant now as she was 45 years ago. She continually gets better with age, in every way imaginable.

    1. Yes her new management seems to be paying off. She used to be her own boss. Hate to say it but this seems to be working out better. That Billboard chart is an ever changing real time chart. It stayed up there for most of the day. Right now it’s in the top 20 which is still good. Maybe they should release that track….

  3. Mr. D, please, who’s managing Miss M?

    1. Management has to work. The Divine One will pay a hafty slice of her earnings to them.

    2. Streisand is doing great with her last album with old material, but new duet partners.

    3. I’m not sure about “Bette’s as relevant now as she was 45 years ago.” It’s been a long time since her albums were as recognized as her first records (although I favor Miss M’s 1980’s records up to now). No important film roles in a long time. I wish she hadn’t close down All Girls Productions. Every once in a while an indie gets lots of visibility and The Divine One could produce skale down films. Brazil, whose people never really knew Miss M as a singer, is forgeting her as an actress!

    4. I agree with “She continually gets better with age, in every way imaginable”, but her body. Even a goddess ages (though she looks great for her age).

    1. Macklam Feldman is the management now. Streisand’s album blows…I bought it and it was boring beyond belief lol xx

  4. I know Streisand’s new album is not interesting, although I like her. I knew it from the moment I listened to tidbits of it. I don’t intend to buy the record. But it is really selling well. Barbra is now the one female singer with #1 records in 5 decades! That’s impressive.

    Let’s see how Mr. Macklam Feldman will handle Miss M’s possible new tour. She is huge on arena stages and I believe there’s a big demand for her in most parts of the planet.

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