Bette Midler: Divine Madness Trivia

Bette Midler: Divine Madness Trivia

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  • Bette Midler‘s character pen name alter ego in this concert movie was “The Divine Miss M”. Interestingly, Midler had previously appeared in a movie called The Thorn which has an alternate title of “The Divine Mr. J”.
  • The 94 minute theatrical cut of this film was edited from around ninety hours worth of footage or one million feet of film.
  • The film was edited together from four separate concerts filmed over three consecutive nights at Pasadena’s Civic Auditorium in Pasadena, California in 1979.
  • The Delores DeLago mermaid character played by Bette Midler was affectionately dubbed “The Toast of Chicago”.
  • First feature film made by production house The Ladd Company.
  • The film was shot using only ten cameras and a small crew of thirty.
  • The cover of the live recording soundtrack taken from this concert movie features Bette Midler pictured as part of the Mount Rushmore monument. Moreover, Midler is seen on one of the movie posters as a mermaid (Delores DeLago).
  • The number of songs performed in this concert movie totaled sixteen. The film’s soundtrack only included about just over half of the songs featured in this concert movie and none of the comic routines. The songs were edited and re-recorded in the studio for the soundtrack. The “Divine Madness” soundtrack album peaked at No. #34 on the Billboard’s Album Chart. When the album was digitally remastered and reissued on CD by Warner Music & Atlantic Records in 1995 it still did not include any bonus tracks or the songs that were left out of the vinyl release. The songs “Shiver Me Timbers” and “Rainbow Sleeve” were removed from the Home Video Version (and are not in the DVD either) which at 87 minutes runs about about 7 minutes shorter than the theatrical cut (94 minutes).
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