Facebook questioned over ‘double standard’ in Paris/Beirut attacks

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Facebook questioned over ‘double standard’ in Paris/Beirut attacks


The large social media reaction to Friday’s terror attacks in Paris has left some wondering where the social support was after the twin suicide bombing in a Beirut suburb just a day earlier.

“Hey Facebook can we get a Beirut color option also for profile pics,” tweeted comedian Sanjay Manaktala regarding one of two features the social network launched following violent attacks that left more than 125 people dead and injured more than 350 others, 99 of whom were seriously injured.

Facebook also turned on its “Safety Check” feature to allow people inside Paris to alert their Facebook friends that they were safe, as well as allowing anyone outside the city to check on their friends.

However, the features are raising an eyebrow to those wondering why they were not rolled out following Beirut’s bombings on Thursday, during which at least 43 people were killed and another 239 were wounded. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for both the Beirut and Paris attacks.

Singer Bette Midler and actress Viola Davis were among celebrities offering their support to victims of both attacks.

“Let us not forget, 43 people died in Beirut and 200 were wounded on Thursday,” Midler tweeted.

“Sending love, prayers, and positive thoughts to everyone in Beirut, Baghdad, and Paris,” the “How to Get Away with Murder” star posted to Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook questioned over ‘double standard’ in Paris/Beirut attacks

  1. First, I applaud Bette for reaching out to the people of Beirut in their time of crisis. She has a keen sense of world affairs, with a big heart. However, I have to quibble a bit over there being a double standard here, and I do hate to get political.

    Per Wikipedia, Beirut/Lebanon has had over 50 bombings and assassinations since 2004. They are part of the overall problem in the Mideast, much of which they have caused or created for themselves.

    Paris has had no such history, and the recent terrorist incidents in Paris have been the worst since World War II. I hate to say that the incident in Beirut is “par for the course”, but there is a certain numbness to the atrocities that occur in the Middle East, as they seem to occur on a daily basis.

    Also, and the bigger difference, is that the incident in Paris occurred outside of the borders of the Middle East, making it one of, if not the worst terrorist attacks since 9/11. And with today’s news that ISIS plans to branch out with attacks all over the world including the U.S., it makes what happened in Paris a “bigger” deal–as these types of attacks/incidents are no longer contained to the Middle East.

    So, important to recognize the atrocity in Beirut–Yes,—but a double standard—No. Sorry, not even close.

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