BetteBack April 29, 1995: Bette Midler And Robin Williams Adopt Highways In New York

The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
April 29, 1995 | Susan Bickelhaupt and Ellen O’Brien, Globe Staff


Bette Midler‘s and Robin Williams‘ latest credits appear along New York City highways. The two are shelling out between $500 and $700 per month to adopt two-mile stretches of highway and take care of litter and graffiti removal. Drivers on the Long Island Expressway and Bronx River Parkway pass billboards crediting Midler with keeping the roadside junk-free. Ditto with Williams on a piece of the Grand Central Parkway. But you won’t see either performer getting rid of the trash. The actual cleanup is done by the Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corp. Note: no potshots at the pope

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