BetteBack January 11, 1997: Diva Las Vegas To Premiere On HBO Jan 18th (Trivia Questions)

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January 11, 1997


Debuting Saturday, Jan. 18 on HBO, the concert special “Bette Midler: Diva Las Vegas” ~ taped at that city’s MGM Grand – offers the singer-actress in a performance that features many of her trademarks, including elaborate production numbers and bawdy humor. Here’s a look at some of her screen credits:


1) In which 1979 film, about a troubled rock star, did Midler have her first major screen role?

2) Name the 1986 comedy in which Midler and Richard Dreyfuss played a couple who took an itinerant (played by Nick Nolte) into their home.

3) Who played Midler’s companion in a cross-country pursuit of the man who jilted them both in 1987’s “Outrageous Fortune”?

4) Name Midler’s leading man in the 1991 musical drama “For the Boys.”

5) In 1993, Midler starred in a TV version of a classic stage musical. Which one was it?

6) Which two Oscar-winning actresses played Midler’s cohorts in revenge in the recent comedy hit “The First Wives Club“?


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