The Voice season 11 will premiere on September 19, 2016 on NBC – Bette Midler Will Guest Judge

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Watch The Voice Season 11 Premiere Online: Women Reign!
By : Michela Lombardi – August 21, 2016


When it comes to singing, there is so much talent out there. But new and innovative ways to be discovered are occurring everyday, and singers are able to showcase their talents on a bigger platform in order to get noticed. One great way is through NBC’s reality talent show, The Voice. The Voice season 11 will premiere on September 19, 2016 on NBC. After successfully completing the first 10 seasons, the show has become a highly anticipated TV program that fans wait for every time they hear a new season is approaching. It’s also where viewers get to hear some really great, raw talent, uninfluenced the vocalist’s actual appearance! So, if you are Googling terms like, ”˜The Voice season premiere 11 watch online,’ ”˜The Voice season 11 premiere live stream,’ ”˜The Voice season 11 premiere stream online’ or ”˜The Voice s11e01’, you should stop right now. We will tell you where to watch the show’s premiere. We will also tell you about The Voice cast.
Guess Who’s Coming

The Voice cast this year has some noticeable firsts. There are going to be two female coaches on the show for the first time. That’s right. Equality everywhere is the new mantra. Guess who the two female coaches are? They are Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. Isn’t that exciting? Two of the best singers in the country coming together for the first time! The two male coaches are the same as last year; Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine and country star, Blake Shelton. When asked if there would be a cat fight between her and Keys, Miley replied that there was no problem between them. She joked that the real cat fight was between Levine and Shelton.

A Fantastic Line-up

The premiere is a month away but fans are already clamoring for the show’s details. So, we will tell you stuff that you are dying to know! A half-hour special episode will be broadcast after the Rio Olympics’ closing ceremonies on August 21, 2016. Carson Daly will be the host once again. The mentors for this season are Bette Midler for Team Blake, Sammy Hagar for Team Adam, Joan Jett for Team Miley and Charlie Puth for Team Alicia. It’s a fantastic lineup that’s got all four of the coaches really excited! The open call auditions were held in the first two months of this year across four venues.

What Coaches Want

The anticipation for the show’s premiere is rising by the minute. The promo for The Voice season 11 has already been released and everybody is excited about the show’s forthcoming episodes. The addition of Keys and Cyrus has added an element of seriousness as well as fun to the show. Cyrus will especially connect with the younger audiences in the country. The coaches banter in good spirit as they talk about what the show means to them. Cyrus says that listening to people sing and helping them to create music is what she is most looking forward to. As a guest judge last season, it was evident how passionate she was in helping these young hopefuls. Her advice and criticism was well received and highly appreciated by all the contestants she mentored. Newcomer, Alicia Keys is excited to be a part of the show. Her goal is to support the dreamers out there and encourage them to utilize their talent.

A Golden Opportunity

Keys says that this show is meant for people who are true to themselves. She wants the contestants to be unafraid and to sing their hearts out. Being a singer-songwriter herself, Keys brings a certain level of maturity to the show, while Cyrus makes it spunky. Levine and Shelton are the perfect foil to these two female coaches. The contestants couldn’t have asked for a better setting than The Voice season 11 to showcase their talents. When they come to perform on the show, the entire country will be watching them. It is their opportunity to seize the moment and show the world what they are capable of, based on their talent alone. Carpe Diem!

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