Gavin Creel describes working with Bette Midler On Hello Dolly!

Gavin Creel describes working with Bette Midler
DEC 19, 2016


I just got back from New Orleans where I did a show with Gavin Creel. Let me first say: His voice is unbelievable—the tone, the musicality, perfect! Here’s my deconstruction of his amazing vibrato:

He’s about to play Cornelius in Hello Dolly! He said they recently did a two-week meeting and Bette Midler is such an incredibly hard worker. When she started singing the title song, Gavin said you know that voice so well and you feel like you’re hearing an old friend. When she got to the lyric “Wow, wow, wow, fellas! Look at the all girl now, fellas!” everyone in the room had tears in their eyes. P.S. No matter what the song, Gavin sounds phenomenal.

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