Bette Midler Comes Back, Bringing the Money With Her

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Bette Midler Comes Back, Bringing the Money With Her

Bette Midler in Hello Dolly!It is almost comedic how powerful Bette Midler’s box office presence is in the currently running revival of Hello, Dolly! Last week, Donna Murphy stepped in for her for the whole week, and the box office took a plunge. This past week, Bette was back for her usual 7 performances (with Donna Murphy still playing the eighth on Tuesday evening), and the weekly gross was $2,352,792, which represents 128.6% of the show’s gross potential. This is an increase from last week of $1,473,423, when Donna Murphy was in the role. With a top ticket price of $748.00, the average paid admission was $210.26, and the audience was filled up to 96.7% of capacity. The excitement over seeing Bette in person is even greater than ever, as she is nearing the end of her run on January 14, 2018. At that point, Bernadette Peters will replace her, and David Hyde Pierce will also end his tenure, to be replaced by Victor Garber. With Bette Midler back in her part, Hello, Dolly! was the third highest performing show this past week, following only Hamilton, with a weekly gross of $3,143,107, and Springsteen on Broadway, with a weekly gross of $2,395,570. In terms of gross potential, however, Hello, Dolly! was at number one at 128.6%. Performing not quite as well was Dear Evan Hansen, which brought in a weekly gross of $1,680,818, or 122.0%, followed by Hamilton at 108.6% of its gross potential.

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