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Lady Gaga Responds To Bette Midler

Access Hollywood
July 18, 2011

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Lady Gaga has responded to Bette Midler’s Twitter claims that the pop singer borrowed her mermaid-in-a-wheelchair routine during a recent tour stop.

“I had no idea that she did that and I’m a huge Bette Midler fan,” Gaga told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush for “The Billy Bush Show” on Monday.

On Sunday, Bette Tweeted, “Dear @ladygaga if you think a mermaid in a wheelchair seems familiar-it’s because it is!You can see it on youtube 24/7-with ME performing it.”

When Billy asked Gaga if her routine was meant to be a tribute to Bette, the singer said it wasn’t originally, as she had no knowledge of the legend’s act, but she’s glad they have something in common.

“Not in the beginning it wasn’t ’cause I didn’t know that she’d done [it], but I do now and I think it’s great,” Gaga said. “Obviously I feel connected to women in theater and women from the past.

“Maybe we’re just cut from the same cloth,” the singer continued. “I couldn’t hop around in that tail so I just stuck myself in a wheelchair.”

The “Edge of Glory” superstar said she continues to admire Bette.

“All I’ll say is that I… admire her and find her to be one of the most brilliant and incredible performers, so that’s all I’ll say,” she said.

Bette ended her short Twitter flurry about Gaga on Sunday with an invite to have a beverage at the Emmys, where both are nominated for their HBO shows – Bette for “Showgirl,” Gaga for “Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball.”

“[L]et’s drink this over at the Emmys in September. Fabulous mermaids can coexist!” she added.

And Gaga noted to Billy that she thinks Bette’s full run of Tweets may have been humorously minded.

“Maybe she was just joking too. She’s funny. Who knows?” Gaga said.

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23 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Responds To Bette Midler

  1. Gaga said. “Obviously I feel connected to women in theater and women from the past.”

    I didn’t like this bit, but Gaga’s explanation is good enough for me.

  2. She isn’t really a huge fan. Gaga was just trying to be nice.

    Out of this incident I can only see some publicity for The Divine One. It would even be interesting if the two of them decide to sing together. Gaga has a musical sense. What would her Little Monsters say about that?

  3. I was thinking the same thing Don. That if she was an actual fan of bette’s she would have known about the mermaid thing. Gaga is just trying to cover her ass by saying nice things about bette. And i didn’t like that thing about “from the past.” Bette isn’t dead, gaga get some respect. It just goes to show that trends come and go and no one, not even gaga, is original anymore.

    1. She must have forgotten that Bette is up against her for an Emmy this year. Gaga should be so lucky to have a career that spans 40 years

  4. How rude! No apologies!!! Even my grade school nieces know Bette as Delores the mermaid – they love her mermaid act and always watch her on youtube!!!!! Jeez, I am really infuriated!!!! But as what I said on twitter – Bette has been in the biz for 45 years – Gaga, only 3, let’s see where she (Gaga) will be in the next 5 years. She should come up with her original acts or she will be forever remembered as the greatest copycat of the millenium lolzzz!!!! So far, I didn’t get any hate tweets from the little monsters lol! But who cares! I’ve said what I wanted to say and Bette is the original — and the ORIGINAL is always the BEST!!!

  5. What a total fraud! Let’s see if her career lasts 10 years. We will be watching that show “Where are they now” in 2021 and there she will be with the likes of Vanilla Ice, PeeWee Herman & herself – “Lady Ca-ca”!

  6. Tweet it?? You’re lucky I post it – LOL!
    I’ll leave that to Mr D to do for me (or my daughter can do it when she gets home from the REAL Jersey shore) – just make sure Philly’s Ms M gets the credit 😉

  7. I wouldn’t say Bette hasn’t been mainstream: Her Disney era is proof of a bigger audience and appeal. The First Wives Club box-office is another indicator of broader success.

    You know, I don’t see Madonna that similar to Miss M. We have to be carefull when judging people’s work. Would you say Bette was copying Sophie Tucker when telling her jokes on stage? No. Artists can get inspiration from other artists. You just have to add your own flavor and acknowledge the ones you were inspired by. Something that Gaga is trying not to do.

    I, for one, was never impressed by Gaga and this made things worse. She will never see a penny of my money on her products.

    In Brazil we have a saying that goes something like “My soul will be washed and invigorated if Miss M gets this Emmy over Gaga”.

  8. “All I’ll say is that I… admire her and find her to be one of the most brilliant and incredible performers, so that’s all I’ll say,”
    ^^^^^^^^^that right there proves she is lying either she has never seen Bette preform live, which doesnt make sense if she’s such a huge fan she had 2 years worth of oppertunities to see her act at caesars!!! or she did see it and is lying to cover herself!! im done with gaga she is not original she just rips off other legends and twists it around hoping no one will notice!!!

  9. and her mermaid costume sucks!!! bette’s is wayyyyyy better!!! atleast gaga didnt pull out a pair of poi balls, oh and how old is she? she cant hop around in the tail where as bette was 64 the last time she was hopping around in one!!!! gaga is a wimp!!!

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