Amy Adams vs. Bette Midler Puh-Leeze!

San Fran Chronicle
Ask Mick LaSalle: Amy Adams vs. Bette Midler
Mick LaSalle
Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Mick: In answering a reader’s question about a female actress who can sing, dance, and do comedy and drama, how could you ignore Amy Adams? She’s one of the best all-around entertainers we have today.

Mark S., Sausalito

Dear Mark: I was asked about who was the greatest female entertainer of all time. As much as I like her, Amy Adams wasn’t the first person to spring to mind. However, since you’ve changed the subject to living people, what about Bette Midler? She sings beautifully. She’s one of the funniest comic actresses ever. She can be excellent in drama, despite a tendency toward the maudlin. And she can probably dance. Or she can be edited to look as if she can dance.

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