Bette Makes A Funny Tweet!

The Sacramento Bee
by Stuart Leavenworth
November 8, 2011

Celebs and jokesters have fun with Herman Cain tweets

The sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain are no fun for the women making the claims. They are not much fun for Cain, either. But they’ve given comedians plenty of, er…raw material.

Here is what actor Steve Martin tweeted last night:

Just realized that Herman Cain is an anagram for Reachin’ man.

And here is what actress Bette Midler offered on Twitter.

Herman Cain was never vetted
About the women he had petted
Will all accusers form a line?
We have to stop at 999.

Undoubtedly, there are other smarty pants tweets out there. If you know of any (on any of the candidates) send ’em our way.

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