Celebrity Tweets: So When Should Chris Brown Be Forgiven?

The Calgary Herald
Should Chris Brown have performed at Grammys? Celebrities react on Twitter
FEBRUARY 14, 2012 

Three years after he attacked singer/girlfriend Rihanna following Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy bash (for which he pleaded guilty to felony assault), the music industry welcomed Chris Brown back with open arms on Sunday night, awarding him Best R&B Album and letting him perform, not once, but twice.

Still, the music world’s collective amnesia wasn’t shared by everyone. During the show, #womanbeater became a trending Twitter topic (which Brown fans countered with a disturbing meme about how they wish he’d “beat them up”). Meanwhile, a pile of famous folks took to Twitter to voice their disgust with the Grammys’ Brown love-fest.

Here’s a sampling:

Eric Stonestreet: Are Chris Brown’s mom and dad CBS and Grammy Brown?

Adam Scott: Chris Brown sucks.

Miranda Lambert: How dang long did they give Nicki Minaj to do whatever that was? Strange. And Chris Brown twice? I don’t get it. He beat on a girl . . .

Jack Osbourne: if Chris Brown had worn a wife beater, the irony would eclipse the whole show. #chrisbrownbeatswomen

Horatio Sanz: I’m not gonna mention that Chris Brown is a lady beater. Instead . . . Lip syncing? Come on, Chris.

Brooklyn Decker: Wait . . . so Whitney’s tribute, while incredibly moving, was one song . . . and Chris Brown got TWO performances . . . ?

Bette Midler: And the rehabilitation of Chris Brown is now complete!!

Sherri Shepherd: Looks like all is forgiven w Chris Brown. That’s all I’ll say.

Danny Masterson: He’s got a bodyguard? RT EthanSuplee: Why wasn’t ChrisBrown fired from “music” (public dancing) when he beat up that girl?

Le Tigre: Hey why don’t you take THIS moment to apologize? #ChrisBrown

Michelle Branch: Trying not to go off on a rant but . . . Chris Brown . . . *bites tongue* have we forgiven him? #Grammys

St Vincent: Wait, did everyone forget that Chris Brown beat up Rihanna? #Worthrepeating #GRAMMYS

Matt Nathanson: did chris brown just sing ”˜put your hands up?’ if he did, I assume he means in the defensive position. #douche #grammys

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