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BetteBack October 23, 1993: Why does Midler charge so much?

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October 23, 1993

Q Bette Midler was to finish her tour this weekend at Radio City Music Hall, where the top ticket price was $100. Even in smaller cities than New York, seats were $50 and $75. Her fans aren’t rich. Why does Midler charge so much? Keith Hainlin, Cincinnati

A Because she can. Midler belongs to that “rare breed of artist who can command that type of price,” says Jane Cohen, e d i t or of Performance. And Midler’s show — packed with 2’/2 hours of elaborate choreography and costumes — is more Broadway production than typical concert. Factors playing into the price: payroll, t h e a t er size, labor, demand, security costs — and, of course, how much the star wants to make. Her publicist wouldn’t discuss that.

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4 thoughts on “BetteBack October 23, 1993: Why does Midler charge so much?

  1. I don’t know why entertainment has become so expensive, even during this troubled economy. Cirque du Soleil, a month ago, in my city, charged about US$ 292.00 for its VIP experience (including ticket) and US$ 197.00 for its best seat. Those prices are outrageous!

    Yet, I don’t want Miss M offering cheap tickets. I want her comanding tickets as expensive as Streisand’s and Madonna’s. She’s DIVINE, isn’t she?… A 50% discount for (a future) official fan club members would be handy, though.

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