MeatLoaf Shows A Reverence For Bette Midler In Upcoming Interview

Leftover Meatloaf: A Preview of Wednesday’s Full Interview

In Boise Weekly‘s Wednesday, June 27, issue, we will have a story on an artist who is oftentimes accused of being more of a ham: Meatloaf.

In a blunt move, we asked Mr. Loaf if he thought he was still relevant as an artist. His answer was pretty amazing.

“There’s nobody out there that’s a driving creative force out there right now,” he said. “There’s no Elvis, no Rolling Stones, no Beatles, no Springsteen–well, he’s still around, but there’s no relevance to Springsteen. Most young people don’t like him, and he used to be untouchable. There’s nobody with any relevance out there. It’s not their fault, they’ve become cereal boxes. It’s the state of the world. The real relevance is in the rap world. They have more impact than rock stars.”

So we asked Meatloaf who he thought was relevant.

“Chuck D [of Public Enemy] is the guy. The godfather. And every rapper wants to be him,” he said.

Considering the reverence for Bette Midler he’d shown earlier in the interview, that wasn’t an answer we expected.

We also have to love someone who can compare his songs to the plays of Samuel Beckett and the Bob Barker/Adam Sandler fight scene in Happy Gilmore in the same thought.

The full article, with lots more quotes and thoughts from a genuine icon, will hit stands Wednesday.

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