Mengers Would’ve Been Thrilled To Have Bette Midler Immortalize Her

Hollywood Reporter
Sue Mengers’ Broadway Portrayal: ‘She’d Die and Go to Heaven — Again’
4/4/2013 by Merle Ginsberg & Gary Baum


ICM’s Boaty Boatwright, close friend and former colleague of late superagent Sue Mengers, says the industry icon would’ve been thrilled that she’s being immortalized by Bette Midler on Broadway.

“Especially that it was done at the suggestion of Stephen Sondheim, who she worshipped,” she says of I’ll Eat You Last, starting previews April 5. “She’d die and go to heaven — again. Sue didn’t have a memorial because she was worried that people wouldn’t show up. But they would have. Even the people who didn’t like her, for justifiable reasons, still wanted to be in her company. I’m sure the opening night will be second to none.”

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