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Bette Midler Sings to Barbara Walters, Makes Her Cry (Video)


Bette Midler memorably serenaded Johnny Carson on his penultimate episode as host of the Tonight Show.

Friday she sang to another departing TV icon:Barbara Walters, performing an impromptu rendition of “The Glory of Love” on The View, a week before Walters’ last show as co-host.

After first joking with Walters that she was giving her a gold watch, opening her coat to reveal a variety of timepieces like a shady street salesman, Midler talked with the ladies about her performance on Carson’s final show, leading her to insist that she wouldn’t sing on The View, with one caveat.

“Well, maybe if I’m begged” she said, to cheers from the audience.

After encouragement from the crowd and the View panelists, Midler broke into “The Glory of Love,” with the audience joining her on the bridge.

Walters — who sang, clapped and swayed along — seemed touched by the surprise performance — so much so that she even started to cry.

That really thrilled Midler, who jumped up and down on the couch after realizing that she’d made the legendary journalist, famous for asking questions that make her subjects cry, shed a tear.

Watch Midler’s performance: Click Here

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3 thoughts on “Bette Midler Sings to Barbara Walters, Makes Her Cry (Video)

  1. Bette hijacked the show! She came on and through sheer force of personality, talent and charisma was both hilarious, touching, and oh so memorable. I shouldn’t be surprised she can do what she does when she does it, but she makes it feel effortless while creating a special moment. Am I making sense?

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