Exclusive: The divine Bette Midler speaks to Gay Times’ Darren Scott


Mister D: This is a great interview and worth the price of admission. If you get the interview, remember to share what you find out with a fellow BetteHead.

Exclusive: The divine Bette Midler speaks to GT

Bette Midler is one of the 30 gay icons in our Birthday Issue!
Bette Midler gives us an exclusive interview as we talk music and movies with the long-standing gay icon. Bette has starred of some of our film favourites like Hocus Pocas, Beaches and Big Business. Also a comedian she gives us her very funny comments on the idea of sequels to our favourite films.

She began her singing career singing to gay men in saunas, she told GT: “Well I do love my gay fans”¦but I kind of love everybody, I don’t like to separate people. I’m not a segregationist! But because your so sweet and genuinely gentlemanly”¦”

She reveals her thoughts on gay fans, her favourite songs, her plans for the future and her reflections on an extraordinary career.

Bette Midler has a new album out, the first review of which you can read here.

Get the full article in GT’s special birthday Issue where you’ll also find exclusive interviews with some of the world’s most inspiring gay icons, including Sir Ian McKellan, Joan Rivers and Barbra Streisand.

To buy the issue, click here.

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