TD Bank Celebrates New York Trees And Artists

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TD Bank Celebrates New York Trees And Artists
by Larissa Faw, Yesterday, 10:32 AM


As the fifth-largest bank in New York City, TD Bank is rooted in the Big Apple. Now, the financial institution is supporting the Bette Midler-founded environmental organization MillionTreesNYC with the “TDForests:Art for Trees” experiential campaign.

Developed by Interpublic‘s agency Tierney, Philadelphia, the initiative transforms the majority of TD Bank’s New York City storefronts into pop-up art galleries celebrating the work of 10 artists, all with NYC connections.

Each artist will be displayed at one of 115 TD Bank branches based on biographical relevance, such as having lived in the neighborhood or has painted something nearby.

Each artwork is an original, tree-themed painting, photograph or, in one case, sculpture, for display and for charitable sale. The nine two-dimensional pieces are reprinted, unbranded (on recyclable, compostable vinyl, using soy-based inks) at sizes up to 8’ x 8′. Beside each work is a gallery-style lucite panel with artist info and quotes.

At the same time, more than 22,000 poster reproductions of these designs will be distributed for free. Each bank will have posters of its own displayed art, and all are available, while they last, via Twitter @TDBank_US.

While branches may have copies, all 10 originals will also be shown together at three pop-up galleries. The first, at Grand Central Station, will be displayed for the full week of Oct. 6, the second, at the High Line at 14th St. during Oct. 24, and the third, at the Waldorf Astoria, will go up in conjunction with the Bette Midler-hosted Hulaween Gala on Oct. 31.

Then the art will be for sale, with proceeds going to MillionTreesNYC and three other NYC-basedpublic organizations. After the show, unbranded, large-format, full-size reproductions of each artwork, up to 4’ x 10’, will be donated to ten NYC schools, hospitals, and neighborhood centers.

This initiative is supported with the gallery microsite; animated banner advertising on sites including CNN, Forbes,, YouTube and others; and paid and organic Twitter and NYC-targeted Facebook posts.

Tierney, Philadelphia collaborated with Bridgette Mayer, of the Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia to curate the featured artists.

TD Bank spent $612.6 million on marketing and another $251.3 million on communications expenses in 2013, according to company financial filings.

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