Bette Midler nearing retirement

Bette Midler nearing retirement
11th Jul 15 | Entertainment News


The 69-year-old star – who is currently touring Britain for the first time in 35 years – has confessed she’s been thinking about retiring as she’s already achieved her ”childhood dream”.

She told Daily Mail Weekend magazine: ”I might stop at some point. I’m coming to the end of the line. I have to admit it. When you have more of the road behind you than ahead, it becomes a very focusing thing.

”You start thinking about the world. I’ve never been to Africa or South America. I’ve never seen a rhinoceros. I’m not saying that entertainment is a childish thing but, in time, you do grow up. I’ve achieved my childhood dream. Now the dream is just about over. I’m still alive, still vibrant. I’d like to see what other dreams I can come up with.”

The ‘Hocus Pocus‘ actress left home for the bright lights of New York City just before her 20th birthday and admits it wasn’t quite what she expected.

Bette explained: ”I wanted to be in the theatre, to be a part of those things I’d seen in magazines. But when I got there, there was a garbage strike and I was walking along through piles of rubbish 10ft high. It was a very steep learning curve. But I believed with all my heart that something was going to happen. And it did.”

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8 thoughts on “Bette Midler nearing retirement

  1. Bette, it has been an honor growing up and listening to your music and watching your films. You are a tremendous inspiration to me and I thank you for sharing your life, your talent and your and your compassion. I am just sorry I never had the privilege of meeting you. Your friend, Jo

  2. Just let you no bette youv always been my favourite I’ve got all your CDs and have watched you on your TV shows from years ago , your the best I’m sorry I couldn’t see you in Manchester couldn’t afford it this time but hope to see you at the cinema in Rhyl Wales have a good visit carole Acton 😀xx

  3. Bette has always been my favorite entertainer, would love to see her perform again as it has been many years since I saw her in Hartford in the 80’s. wasn’t able to afford this tour for the girls and am sad that I may never get to see her again except on screen n you tube. she is a fabulous role model for all girls, everytime I go to new York city always on the lookout for Bette, lol
    you are one fantastic woman Bette xoxoxo

  4. I can’t see you walking completely. You will always have something to say, something to save. Besides you can’t retire before I finish the screenplay I’m working on for you. Stay just a while longer. Africa and South America won’t be moving anytime soon. You owe us a jazz album. Miss M you will be forever young! The world needs your energy. Like the song says: Stay just a little bit longer please, please…

  5. I think that people should never stop working no matter how old they are. I think there should be no such thing as retirement. Retirement is the pathway to an early grave. When you loose your work and what interests you, you lose your will to live, and I’m not that kind of person.” (The Advocate: April 23, 1975)-Bette Midler

    1. But what if you find other interests, then what do you do? Change your work to suit your interests.

  6. I’m not retiring and you can’t make me“(Kiss My Brass, 2004- Bette Midler please don’t leave us xoxoxo

  7. I think Bette deserves to retire. At the same time. I Think another book would be good . I simply Love Bette Midler and wish she would never retire. But as i said she deserves to.

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