‘Hocus Pocus’ May Get Small Screen Sequel For Disney

”˜Hocus Pocus’ could get small screen sequel on Disney Channel
By Victoria Miller
November 1, 2015

A sequel to “Hocus Pocus” could be in the works. The 1993 cult classic comedy film that starred Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Milder and Kathy Najimy as a trio of evil sister witches may get another life, this time on the small screen as a Disney Channel feature, according to E! News on Friday.

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 30: Kathy Najimy and Bette Midler attend Bette Midler's annual Hulaween Party celebrating New York Restoration Project's 20th anniversary on October 30, 2015 in New York City

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There has long been speculation that a sequel to “Hocus Pocus” is in the works, and in a new interview with Yahoo Movies, producer and co-writer David Kirschner revealed that the box-office bomb-turned cult favorite could get its long-awaited follow-up. In the interview, Kirschner admitted that Disney passed on his theatrical pitch several years ago, but he added that he’s still waiting to hear back about a second “Hocus Pocus” film in the form of a Disney Channel Original Movie.

Bette Midler has already gone on record as saying she would be on board for more witchy hijinks. During a Reddit AMA last year, the actress was asked about her interest in a sequel to the film, and she directed fans to the Walt Disney Company, instructing them to inundate the company with requests. “The ball’s in their court,” she wrote. Najimy later voiced her support for another “sistah” act, and Sarah Jessica Parker told Buzzfeed that she’d also be up for it. “Yeah, I said I would! And I got in so much trouble on Twitter for it,” Parker said.

In addition, director Kenny Ortega, who has a bit of experience with Disney Channel Original movies ( “High School Musical,” “The Descendants”), told Hollywood Life he “wouldn’t mind” doing a sequel to the 1993 comedy. “I think it’d be great to revisit it with the same women,” Ortega said. “The Sanderson Sisters deserve another opportunity to land in the middle of something and do it again. They’re too much fun.”

“Hocus Pocus” fandom hit a new level this year with a “Hocus Pocus” stage show at Disney World, so the classic film is definitely still on Disney’s radar. With any luck, the studio will work some magic and bring the sequel to the small screen soon.

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2 thoughts on “‘Hocus Pocus’ May Get Small Screen Sequel For Disney

  1. Well, the discussion of bringing Hocus Pocus back to the small screen seems like a recipe for failure, if you ask me (well, nobody did, but I’m going to chime in anyway).

    I seriously doubt that Bette, Sarah and Kathy would agree to sign on to a Disney Channel TV Movie of the Week, nor would any of the other principals involved. It would more than likely occur with an entirely all new cast of unknowns, which would be a head-scratcher at best. Who could possibly emulate or even re-imagine the original characters and/or their dialogue, and pull it off successfully? I could imagine everyone watching it, and saying, “WTF?!”

    Big screen or no screen, IMHO.

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