7 Times We Wished Bette Midler Was Our BFF

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7 Times We Wished Bette Midler Was Our BFF
By Amy Cooper


We absolutely love Bette Midler. As an icon with a full set of pipes, she’s been long lasting on multiple plains of life – and we absolutely love her versatility! Here’s the 7 times that she’s proven her amazing talent – a friend we’d love to have!

Bette Midler Singing “You’ve Got To Have Friends” – Continental Baths Concert

Check out those vocals!


The First Wives Club 

Brenda (Bette) leads the pack down the escape route, and holds together Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn in the crazy destruction of trying to escape when stealing paperwork from taxes. When they get down to the bottom, Brenda proves she’s the most adventurous – saying “Ya wanna go again!?”



Barbara Hershey plays on the side of Bette Midler, where the women talk about careers and mixing it with children, which turns into an argument of jealousy and anger. Bette has the last word – and it’s a harsh but amazing one.


Bette’s goodbye to Johnny Carson

Bette serenades Johnny as a goodbye with the song “One For My Baby, And One More For The Road,” and it’s absolutely divine. They show Johnny just taking in the moment from his desk, and it’s so heartwarming.


Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy on David Letterman

“The woman who taught gun powder how to bang.” Well, if that wasn’t a line about Bette Midler, I don’t know what was.



The bar patrons get Stella up on the bar to dance to “her song”  – and she pulls her old moves from her days at the Continental Baths out as she rocks it in a very Burlesque type of way.



Winefred Sanderson couldn’t be ignored, and it’s one of the most iconic Halloween songs there is. Also, her theatrics couldn’t be matched in this role.


Happy Birthday, Bette!

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