Bette Midler roasted ex-Yankee Derek Jeter on Twitter
Bette Midler roasted ex-Yankee Derek Jeter on Twitter
By Joe Giglio | NJ Advance Media for
May 31, 2016 at 11:42 AM


If you were to make a list of celebrities that would knock Yankees legend Derek Jeter, Bette Midler’s name wouldn’t come up for a long, long time.

Yet, that’s exactly what happened over Memorial Day weekend.

Bette Midler ✔ ”Ž@BetteMidler:

Derek Jeter is finally settling down & getting married. That’s probably gonna cut back on his dating, though.

11:23 AM – 30 May 2016

According to in-depth Google research from TMZ, there doesn’t seem to be a past connection between Jeter and Midler. The reason for the Twitter joke seems to be totally random.

We’ll let you know if Jeter responds in any fashion.

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