Bette Midler Just Made Trump Cry Again With This Brutal Twitter Attack

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Bette Midler Just Made Trump Cry Again With This Brutal Twitter Attack
Posted by Shannon Argueta on 01 Oct 2016


Bette Midler is fucking awesome and she keeps proving it over and over again this campaign season with her attacks on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Her latest attack, however, may be the most brutal of them all.

On Saturday morning, after almost a week of Trump’s sexist attacks on former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, Midler decided to speak out and it was amazing. First the comedian hit Trump on his looks since he is so fond of trashing women for theirs:

I try not to judge people on their looks. Having said that, is a man boob with manboobs.

Ordinarily, we do not condone shaming people over their looks or their bodies, but we have sat back and listened to an orange blog with bad hair insult women repeatedly for their appearance. He runs his mouth as if he is the hottest guy in the world which couldn’t be farther from the truth. But, as we know, Trump isn’t known for his modesty and self-awareness.

Midler attacked Lord Cheeto with another tweet about his vomit inducing body:

And finally came the best tweet of all:

Trump suffers a Twitter meltdown in the wee hours of AM. You gotta stop doing coke after 4PM or you’ll be up all night!

BOOM! If you didn’t watch the debate or any of the post-debate coverage, Midler’s coke comment refers to Trump constant sniffing during his matchup with Hillary. The Republican sounded like he did seven lines of cocaine off of Newt Gingrich’s back before going on live tv. Even Howard Dean thought Trump was tweaking during the debate.

We honestly have no idea if he was high or not, but we do know that he is a pathetic, childish bully who lashes out constantly. He insults everyone and even my 11-year-old son thinks he’s a horrible human being. We need more people willing to go after him for his deplorable behavior like Bette has done.

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