Celebrities React: Dakota Pipeline Protesters Face Off Against Police

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Celebrities React: Dakota Pipeline Protesters Face Off Against Police
By Andrew Shuster
November 21st, 2016


Hundreds of protesters gathered at the Backwater Bridge in North Dakota on Sunday night to demonstrate against an oil pipeline project they say threatens natural resources and nearby land, specifically the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. The situation turned violent when police deemed the protest a “riot” and responded by firing tear gas and freezing cold water at the dissenters. Celebrities are now reacting on Twitter to the volatile incident. See stars’ reactions below.

Jessica Chastain tweeted, “Im going to need a serious break from the news. Wtf is going on? Cant we have some love to celebrate? Its all bad news.” Minka Kelly suggested people call the White House “to register horrific INHUMAN concerns about water cannons/concussion grenades.” Meanwhile, Bette Midler called the aggressive actions taken by the authorities, “Inhuman and vicious beyond belief. Didn’t think I could feel any worse. The shame, the shame,” while Debra Messing wrote, “This is DESPICABLE. Inhuman. IT MUST STOP!”

Mark Ruffalo called on President Obama to step in, saying, “Dear @POTUS blasting people with water in freezing cold weather is a use of lethal force. Stop this madness! Stand up for the native youth.” Frances Fisher posted a video of herself at the protest, and added, “Last night at #StandingRock… #PepperSpray #Mace #Percussiongrenades #WaterCannons @POTUS where are you?” Patton Oswalt responded, “Frances Fisher was RIGHT THERE. My God. Horrible what’s being done to these people.”

Olivia Wilde remarked, “Un-f*cking-real. This is madness. #StandingwithStandingRock.” Dianna Agron commented, “My heart breaks. This, the tear gas, the pellets. It’s horrific.” And Shailene Woodley, who was arrested last month at a similar protest, said, “Winter is here. choppin wood to stay warm. needed at Standing Rock right now: winterized structures, HOT shower portable trailers, hot stoves, zero degree sleeping bags, etc. consider donating!”

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