Bette’s Top Brass And Bootleg Betty Close Down Two Fake Bette Midler Twitter Sites | BootLeg Betty

This past week Bootleg Betty, in cooperation with Bette Midler’s top brass, closed down two fake Bette Midler accounts. They were mirror images of Bette’s official Twitter site. It’s not like they were being malicious, but they were liking people’s posts, who if they didn’t look close enough, making them think Miss M liked or endorsed what they were saying.

We’ve exposed corruption before, whether intentional or not, and you can bet we will always be on the lookout. If you are fans of Bette Midler, why would you do this? What do you get out of it? Did you think you were going to meet Ms. Midler going this route? I wish I could answer those questions, but I can’t, Maybe I’m asking the wrong questions, Anyway, we will always find you and close you down.

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