Curtain Call: Bette Midler Will Soon Call It Quits With Hello Dolly

Curtain Call: Bette Midler Will Soon Call It Quits With Hello Dolly
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December 23, 2017

Bette Midler has a long and star-studded career, spanning decades. She started her sojourn in the theater off-Broadway until her first Broadway appearance in 1967s Fiddler on The Roof. Since then, she has made countless appearances on stage and in film.

In April 2017, she took on the title role in the Broadway revival of Hello Betty. Now, after almost two years gracing the stage, she is set to take a final bow from the production. Her exit is not for lack of enthusiasm for the show. Rather, she cites her age as a major factor informing her decision.

With eight shows each week for the past two years or so, Bette confesses that she cannot keep up long term.


Winding down

Bette was recently awarded at the Tonys’, and she was full of joy. In a heart-warming speech, she gave credit to her colleagues and friends who supported her on the show.

I’m so privileged, I’m so honored, I hope I don’t cry. Thank you to the Tony voters, many of whom I’ve actually dated… I’m so grateful for the outpouring of love and affection.

Before Bette signed up for the role, she got some motivation from her predecessor, Carol Channing. A friend of the Broadway icon reveals:

Carol told Bette that she thinks she will be fabulous in the role. It was definitely a lovefest between the two. These two women greatly admire each other.

Bernadette Peters who has also carved a niche for herself on stage will be taking over from Bette come January. She does have big shoes to fill, and Broadway is watching anxiously.

After the show

Looking into the future, Bette is uncertain where her career will lead. She reveals that she has experienced burnout as she has been in the performance business for decades and that Hello Dolly! just might be her last job.

A friend of the Broadway star notes that Bette has a lot to look forward to, including spending time with her family, husband, Martin von Haselberg, and their daughter, Sophie.


For many fans, Bette will be missed on the show. She may have only been on for less than two years, but she graced the stage with her stunning skills and beauty. There will always be lasting memories of her outstanding performances, and we all wish her well in years to come.

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