Poll: Help Bette In The Ditch, Do or Marry: Aging Divas Poll

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Ditch, Do or Marry: Aging Divas Edition!
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We’ve picked and prodded at the silver foxes, so it’s only fair the more mature broads get a round of Ditch, Do or Marry!

But we aren’t selecting any ol’ chicks–this round is all about delish divas. So get ready to tell us which cultural icon could shimmy her way into your heart and which you’d like to kick to the glittery curb between…

Dolly Parton, Cher and Bette Midler!

First up, is Dolly who’s country croonin’ and infamously large bra size have garnered her tons of fans from Nashville to Hollywood (just ask Miley Cyrus!). With that famous big, blonde ”˜do and short sparkly dresses, this backwoods Barbie is as sweet as she is busty.

And then there’s Cher. Who else could rock assless chaps on a ship full of sailors? When not sailing the high seas, this diva can still be found onstage in good ”˜ol Sin City. No need to turn back time, this broad looks just as good as she did in that Bob Mackie jumpsuit standing next to Sonny in 1975. Well, almost.

Last up, is Bette. Don’t mess with the Divine Miss M, this 65-year-old has still got the (poi) balls to call out Lady Gaga for her mermaid-thieving ways! From the bathhouses to the Vegas stage, no one has paved the way for kitsch better than this broad!

So which babe has the most class and chutzpah to steal your sequined-lovin’ heart and which prima donna do you think is past her prime?!

Awful’s Delish Diva Poll:

Which Diva Would You Ditch?
29.6% Dolly: Too many secret tats for my taste
44.6% Cher: I like faces that move
25.8% Bette: Kiss My Brass

Which Diva Would You Do?
25.3% Dolly: I’d like to take this Barbie into the backwoods
48.3% Cher: When I look at her I’m Moonstruck!
26.5% Bette: I’ll be the wind beneath her wings

Which Diva Would You Marry?
41.2% Dolly: She can lay the tracks to my heart
10.4% Cher: I got you, babe!
48.4% Bette: I’ll make her a member of my First Wives Club

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7 thoughts on “Poll: Help Bette In The Ditch, Do or Marry: Aging Divas Poll

  1. LMFAO according to these results everyone wants to do Cher, then ditch her to marry Bette! and poor sweet Dolly is left behind, maybe bette will send her some diamonds and roses from the islands in the stream 🙂

  2. I used to favor people who never had plastic surgery like Dame Elizabeth Taylor. But, little by little, I’m more and more sympathetic to cosmetic surgery. I truely believe that Joan Rivers looks better as plastic as she is not than when she was her original natural self.

    All in all, it’s wise to refresh your looks but not change them drastically and become a tamborine.

  3. Mr. D., ditto for growing old gracefully 😉

    So our beloved Ms. M is housewife material – everybody wants to marry her after having a one-night stand with Cher LOL!


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