BootLeg Betty

“Sweet Baby Jesus,” Pixie, Even I Knew The Movie Wasn’t Happening Over A Year Ago!

Mister D: I just foresee things and that Lot – no pun intended! Contact Music Pixie…

Photo: Three, Three, Three Bette’s In One!

Thank you Bette Midler-Fansite

Photo: No Frills Red Motif

Art Work: Charles Little

Video: Come Back Jimmy Dean

How Bad Are This Guys Eyes?

Media Bistro A Sunday Slight From Slate’s Weisberg By Betsy Rothstein on August 23, 2011 11:30…

Photo: Hocus Pocus

Video: I Put A Spell On You

Movies: What To Do With Sarah Jessica Parker

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Moving Forward With Mandy Moore

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‘Keeping Up With The Mormons’ On Broadway

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Bette Midler And Bailee Madison Join In On Billy Crystal’s Fox Family Comedy

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Photo: Have A Cool & Relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

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September Bootleg Betty Jukebox Is Up! All Bette Midler!

The September Bootleg Betty Jukebox Is Up! As always I hope you enjoy To listen: Click…

Kelly Clarkson Talks About The Songs That Shaped Her Life

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Down And Out: Remembering Mike The Dog

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Video: Bette Midler “Kiss My Brass” Tour Behind The Scenes!

Photo: Isn’t She Great

Thank you Bette Midler-Fansite

Photo: Battling Divas

Video: An audience member asks Bette about her movie “Outrageous Fortune” with Shelley Long.

BetteBack: The Battle For Top Billing!

Winnipeg Free Press PEOPLE November 29, 2011 Shelley Long and Bette Midler both have reputations for…

A Tribute To Pauline Kael

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