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The Book Of Terrible – Should Bette Be In It?

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The Book of Terrible
Shining a Light on Mankind’s missteps…
#41: Songs That Just Won’t.. Go.. Away!
Posted on October 1, 2011

To be clear, I’m referring to “fad songs” whose stay ing power seems immeasurable.

Unfortunately .

Meatloaf – “I Would Do Anything For Love” (It’s what, 40 minutes?)
Celine Dion -“My Heart Will Go On”
Bette Midler – “Wind Beneath My Wings”
Los del Rio – “Macarena”
Sir Mix a lot – “Baby Got Back”

The list, and the tidal wave of bad memories it inspires, goes on and on. And let’s not forget the mullet
that launched a song and dance craze, Billy Ray Cy rus’ Achy Breaky Heart.

It’s just unfortunate his crimes against humanity didn’t end there. Who knows how many “Achy Breaky ”s Miley Cy rus has in her?

Songs that overstay their welcome are born of a natural popularity that record companies and disc jockey s ex tend for their own agendas. The real victims here are music lovers every where, their audio receptors irreparably damaged by ex tended listening to the same songs.

There should be a government investigation and eventually , hangings.

Any one who thinks that is a tad ex treme can listen to ”Who Let the Dogs Out” ten times in a row and then get back to me.

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