BetteBack Review 1974: “Bette Midler” By Bette Midler

Greenfield Recorder
World Of Music
By Judy Hugg
January 17, 1974

There’s not much one can say about Bette Midler that hasn’t already been said at least a thousand times before. Therefore let’s skip the adjectives and take a look at her second album for Atlantic Records simply titled “Bette Midler.”

Once again Barry Manilow has supplied her with a batch of distinctive arrangements, as Bette accompanies herself on three cuts with just a piano, using an orchestra and backup vocals on all the other tunes.

Ms. Midler does an exceptionally fine job on the Dubin-Warren classic, “Lullaby of Broadway,” and Carmichael-Mercer’s “Skylark.”

A little more spark is added to the fire as she runs through “Da Doo Run Run,” “Uptown” and “Drinking Again.”

There’s also an interesting rousing version of Dylan‘s “I Shall Be Released,” which may be a little overdone, especially to those who are followers and lovers of the little prophet’s unique style of folk singing.

However, album number two won’t have any trouble finding its way to the top of the charts for the Divine Miss M.

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