BootLeg Betty

BetteBack March 14, 1980: ‘A View From A Broad’ Hits The Bestsellers List

Elyria Chronicle Telegram
March 14, 1980



1. The Bourne Identity Robert Ludlum
Z. Princess Daisy Judith Krantz
3. The Devil’s Alternative Frederick Forsythe
4. The Dead Zone Stephen King
5. Portraits Cynthia Freeman
6. The Third World War Gen. Sir John Hackett
7. The Top of the Hill Irwin Shaw
8. The Bleeding Heart Marilyn French
9. Memories of Another Day Harold Robbins
lO.Who’s on First? William Buckley

1. Donahue Phil Donahue
2. All You Need to Know About the IRS Paul
3. The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court
Bob Woodward and Scott Armstrong
4. Free to Choose Milton Friedman
5. They Call Me Assassin Jack Tatum
6. How to Become Financially Independent in Real
Estate Albert L. Lowery
7. The Book of Lists No. 2 Irving Wallace et al
8. Aunt Erma’s Cope Book Erma Bombeck
9. Men in Love Nancy Friday
10.A View from a Broad Bette Midler

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