BetteBack October 20, 1973: Isn’t Playing Homosexual Healthclubs Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel?

Tucson Daily Citizen
October 20, 1973


Q: What’s this about prestigious opera star Eleanor Steber appearing at a New York City homosexual “health club?” Isn’t that scraping the bottom of the barrel?

A “I don’t see anything undignified about it,” replies the former Metropolitan Opera diva, who appeared there this month. Singer Bette Midler (right), among other performers, made a name for herself at the club, which has a coed cabaret night once a week. Adds Eleanor: “Many of the people who go there are great music fans. Besides, whether something is tasteful or tasteless depends on how you present it.” A close friend notes: “Eleanor’s quite bawdy, you know. She has a kind of Shelley Winters quality about her.

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