Bette Midler tweets a cheeky anti-ageing dig at Ivanka and Trump

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Bette Midler tweets a cheeky anti-ageing dig at Ivanka and Trump
April 29, 2017


Bette Midler has never held back with her thoughts on Donald Trump’s presidency.

The funny lady has made plenty of criticisms of Trump’s policies and personality, and the billionaire leader has been no fan of hers in the past either, tweeting that she “sucked” when singing Wind Beneath My Winds at the 2014 Oscars.

But Midler has branched out a little in her latest tweet, taking a dig at Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who’s taken an office in the White House as an unpaid special adviser to her father, the president. The funny tweet got retweeted almost 3,000 times in just a few hours, as Midler’s followers wholeheartedly agreed with her sentiments.

Bette Midler ? @BetteMidler
#Ivanka keeps doing business out of the WH. She should peddle a skincare line. Her dad’s presidency is aging the shit out of us all.
10:45 AM – 28 Apr 2017
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The tweet hits on an issue that’s been raised by a number of Trump critics – Ivanka Trump runs her own jewellery and clothing business, and wears her own products while attending events in her capacity as a presidential adviser, which some see as a way of using the power of the White House as a private promotional tool.

But her appointment did not contravene the 1967 nepotism law that prevents the president from hiring a relative, because she is not being paid and is not working in an ‘executive’ arm of the government, a CNN report explained.

Despite this, Ivanka Trump was booed at the W20 Summit in Germany when she defended her father’s record on women, while others said she had no place on a panel with German chancellor Angela Merkel and IMF managing director Christine Lagarde.

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