Reminder: Talk, Talk, Talk – The Women Smart Talk Series – Bette Jan 18th

Women talk

The Divine Miss M (Bette Midler) will be in Minneapolis Jan. 18 speaking at The Orpheum. The singer and actress is speaking as part of the SmartTalk series [1], in which extraordinary female authors, actresses and activists talk about how got where they are today.

Also coming to the Twin Cities this year are mountain climber Alison Levine (Feb. 21); actress and activist Isabella Rossellini (March 7); ABC news correspondent Ann Compton (April 4); and actress Sigourney Weaver (May 17).

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9 thoughts on “Reminder: Talk, Talk, Talk – The Women Smart Talk Series – Bette Jan 18th

  1. Oh no…Lol of course I will fill you in on the details of how it went. I might even try to sneak in a little video recording if I can lol

  2. Hello Mr. D., Andrea, Kimberlee;)

    I really wanted to go but because of scheduling conflicts (work/school) it would be impossible for me to do it:(. I wish they’ve scheduled it Saturday or Sunday instead of Tuesday after the Martin Luther King holiday :(. I am very much interested to see Bette talk about herself, etc. First time she’s doing it I think. But I am really happy and excited for you Andrea, we’ll all be with you in spirit (hope we don’t scare you with that lol!). We’ll be awaiting your report and a possible video (?). Enjoy your trip!

    PS. I hope they bring the Smart Talk Series to the West Coast too, specifically California:)

  3. Thanks Anne! I will be happy to share my experience with everyone. I’m pretty excited about this. It should be very interesting.

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