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Bette Midler: Beauty Tips and Life Lessons from the star of “Parental Guidance””Parental Guidance” star Bette Midler reveals beauty tips and life lessons
JANUARY 11, 2013

Bette Midler stars in “Parental Guidance” in theaters now. She has funny beauty tips and life lessons to share these days.

The Divine Miss M is not for the faint of heart. Bette Midler NEVER minces words or hides her opinions, especially when I ask her about beauty.

“Why didn’t someone tell me years ago that red hair is aging?” cries the stage and screen icon during our interview at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. “I should have been a blonde all those years ago.”

“You should have told me to go blonde!”

I wouldn’t dare tell her what to do! Bette Midler is a force of nature.

You must check out her new movie, one of the few that’s fun for the entire family –- moms, dads, grandparents, and the kids.

Bette stars with Billy Crystal in one of the most hilarious movies around these days called “Parental Guidance” about grandparents who take over the kids for some old school parenting while their daughter is out of town.

I asked Bette for her beauty tips and life lessons:

Beauty Lesson: Be Kind to Your Hair

Bette says “If you’re like me without perfect hair you can try to beat your hair into submission. Just stop and treat your hair kindly. Don’t try to make it into something it’s not. Live with what you got.”

Beauty Lesson: Take Care of Your Skin

Bette says, “You really do have to take the makeup off and exfoliate daily. It’s a great tip to have great skin.”

Beauty Lesson: Move It or Lose It!

Bette says, “The main thing is you have to move. You must move. At the same time, you have to accept your body and learn to like your body. It’s also crucial to stop putting stuff into your body that turns your body against you. That and not moving is how people get out of whack.”

Aging Lesson: Run Your Own Planned Parenthood

Bette says, “I forbid my daughter to get pregnant. I’m not quite ready for it yet. I can’t even babysit now. I can’t give up ‘Boardwalk Empire‘ to babysit.”

Life Lesson: Look Inside for the Answers

Bette says, “Use your basic common sense, which gets the short shift these days. That’s too bad. Most of us know the answers.”

Aging Lesson: Make Time for Friends

Bette says, “Before Billy Crystal and I filmed ‘Parental Guidance,’ we hung out. We went to the movies. The bad part is he picked me up and I was the worst backseat driver. But we did find the movie theater. I’ll never forget. We saw ‘Moneyball.’ We sat there and said, ‘Why are all these movie trailers so loud?'”

Life Lesson: Get involved in your community.

Bette says, “I’m very involved in projects that help clean up New York parks. It makes me feel young and feel good to give back to the next generation. They deserve a clean, beautiful park to dream their dreams. Getting involved at every age is helpful because it’s a way to stay engaged in the world.”

Life Lesson: Enjoy your life.

Bette says, “I know life is not going to go on forever, so my motto is to enjoy it while you got it.”

Life Lesson: And Don’t Forget to Laugh”¦Hard.

Bette says, “I want to make good movies that make people laugh. I think that’s a generous thing. It’s something people need in this world. People need to laugh more.”

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