How to use Twitter and alienate people… with your host, Donald Trump

How to use Twitter and alienate people”¦ with your host, Donald Trump
Published time: 20 Feb, 2016 18:05

Presidential candidate Donald Trump is carving out quite the reputation for refusing to hold his tongue on a whole host of issues. For those seeking to follow in the political shock jock‘s footsteps, here are some of the top ways to be offensive – Trump-style.

Love him or hate him, the Republican has an uncanny ability to elicit an explosive response whenever he gets near a keyboard.

Over the years, the outspoken politician has had choice words for a number of subjects, from UK comedian Russell Brand and US actress Bette Midler, to a congressman’s protruding nipples.

So without further ado, let’s dip into the bizarre statements and advice of Donald Trump on Twitter.

1. Seek to ban Muslim population – 2015


2. Target a congressman’s nipples – 2012


3. Wade in on marriage breakdown – 2014


4. Trivialize military sex assaults – 2013


5. Call Oscar nominee ‘disgusting’ – 2012


6. #TrumpThinspiration – 2012


7. Wage war on Arianna Huffington – 2012


8. Label critics ‘losers and haters’ – 2013


9. Propose giant border wall, refuse to pay for it – 2015


10. Trump card: Be sexist in public – 1991


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