Bette Midler Disses Kanye West After Nude Selfie Feud With Kim

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Bette Midler Disses Kanye West After Nude Selfie Feud With Kim
Wed, March 16, 2016 5:58pm EDT by Samantha Wilson


Damn Bette, tell us how you really feel! After a brutal feud with Kim Kardashian on Twitter over her nude selfie, Bette’s decided to move on to her husband, Kanye West, and his desires to run for president. Click through to see her tweet!
Bette Midler, 70, is going after Kanye West, 38, hard on March 16, after her ruthless pursuit to belittle Kim Kardashian, 35, for her nude selfie! The actress mocked Kanye’s presidential aspirations, and flat out said people didn’t like him! Click through to see her harsh tweet!

“.@nytimes reports 53% of Americans don’t like Hillary and 63% don’t like @realDonaldTrump. @kanyewest, jump in! You could win this thing!!” Bette tweeted, straight to Kanye! She really doesn’t give a damn about getting into Twitter feuds, does she? Not only did she poke fun at Kanye’s planned 2020 presidential run, but said that nobody liked him. Wow!

You have to admit that it was a bold move for Bette to @ Kanye in her tweet, considering how easily he can be set off on Twitter. She’s got about 20 angry tweets coming her way as soon as he logs on! Kanye has yet to respond to the jab at this time, but when he does”¦whoo boy. He will probably take umbrage with the fact that she compared him to Donald Trump, 69, too. Kanye has been inspired to run for president even more because of the GOP candidate’s horrible behavior, according to a source who spoke to EXCLUSIVELY!

Bette and Kim have been feuding after the actress slut-shamed her (Mister D: Not True. It was a joke!) on Twitter for posting a nude selfie. From there, Kim defended herself, calling Bette a “fake friend” and old. It escalated from there, with Bette using the stakes with tons of jokes at Kim’s expense. She even posed “nude” herself on Twitter, challenging Kim to post more selfies and donate to charity. What does Bette have against the Kardashian-West family lately? Did she catch wind of Kanye telling haters they should be thankful they saw Kim naked?

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