Celebrities Tweet Reactions About the End of Iraq War

Kelly Osbourne, Bette Midler and Other Celebrities Tweet Reactions About the End of Iraq War

By Koty Neelis | Yahoo! Contributor Network ”“ Mon, Dec 19, 2011 8:03 AM PST


Over the weekend the end of the war in Iraq was announced and everyone all over the world cheered in celebration for our troops including some of Hollywood‘s biggest celebrities.


Some celebs shared their words of encouragement, others shared touching stories or photos from veterans or their loved ones. Everyone from Kelly Osbourne to Goldie Hawn had something to say. Here are the top celeb tweets about the war in Iraq ending.

President Obama tweeted, “welcomes our troops home as we mark the end of the war in Iraq.”

Bette Midler tweeted her thoughts, “The war in Iraq is over!!!! Sorrow and Pity for everyone it ever touched…”

Bill Maher, political commentator and host of HBO‘s “Late Night With Bill Maher” tweeted mockingly, “Did I hear right today, the Iraq War is over? That was quick! Well, no harm, no foul.”

Kelly Osbourne was appreciative about the news. “The war on Iraq is over thank the lord!”

Questlove from The Roots praised President Obama for his efforts on keeping his campaign promises from 2008. “He kept his word. @BarackObama said he’d end the long overdun Iraq War. The Last troops leaving this week. Finally Thank God #WelcomeHome.”

Alyssa Milano shared photos of soldiers that were touching, “Wow. Striking portraits of soldiers before, during, and after war:http://t.co/kaNGL2Kh /via @brainpicker

Hollywood veteran actor Gary Sinise said, “As our troops leave Iraq,thank you to all who served there and all who continue to serve in Afghanistan and around the world.Merry Christmas

Goldie Hawn shared her thoughts of love, “ Blessings to all of our brave and beautiful soldiers who have shown such bravery and welcome home sweet souls. Love abound!”

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex Maria Shriver shared an essay, “Read this touching story of a mother’s mission to honor her son’s life and support families of fallen soldiers.”

David Boreanaz from “Bones” wanted to know his followers thoughts, “Last US soldiers rolled out of Iraq:4,500Amer lives,100,000Iraqi lives and 800 bill from US Tres. Thoughts?”


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